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There are a number of organizations and entities who offer services to help our community.  While most of these entities provide paid services, we want to offer the following organizations for your consideration.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services

Substance abuse addiction can impact all walks of life.  If you or somebody you know is struggling with substance abuse problems, please take a moment to reach out to one of these organizations:

1.     The Willow Center located in Brownsburg, Indiana.

2.     The Hamilton Center located in Plainfield, Indiana. 

3.     Fairbanks Hospital located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

4.     Narcotics Anonymous (national program/network)

5.     Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (national program)

Mental Health Services

Mental health needs are a frequently encountered dimension of law enforcement.  While our agency facilitates training for our officers in how to respond to individuals with mental health conditions, connecting our community with treatment facilities is an important component to raise awareness.

1.     Cummins Health located in Avon, Indiana.

2.     Saint Vincent Mental Health located in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

3.     Indiana Council centered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

4.     Community East Hospital located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

5.     Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (national program)

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Services

Suicide prevention and awareness is often not discussed.  Here are links to organizations who strive to raise awareness and provide treatment to individuals who struggle with suicidal thoughts/ideation.

1.     Mental Health America Indiana located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

2.     Families First located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

3.     Indiana State Suicide Prevention located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

4.     National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (national outreach program)

5.     Veterans Crisis Hotline (national outreach program

Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence often feel that they have little or no recourse to help themselves or their children to leave an abusive environment.  While our agency has a pro-arrest policy to arrest the primary aggressor, there are resources available to help victims get their lives back together.

1.     Sheltering Wings located in Danville, Indiana.

2.     Domestic Violence Network located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

3.     Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

4.     Families First located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

5.     The Julian Center located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This list was created by the Avon Police Department (2017)

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