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Can I have a fence or landscaping in my easement or right-of-way?
Easements and rights-of-way are portions of land set aside for the extension of utilities or other infrastructure that will benefit the public. Homeowners may place a fence or landscaping in an easement, but not in a right-of-way. However, the homeowner should be aware that these improvements might need to be moved to allow for utility repairs or installations. Fences require a permit and are available through the Planning Department.

Who is responsible for mowing easements and rights-of-way?
The property owner is responsible for maintaining any easement which includes mowing. The DPW is responsible for maintaining rights-of-way, however, if the homeowner prefers to mow a specific right-of-way, the DPW may agree to such requests on a case-by-case basis.

Who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance?
Generally, most sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The Town offers a sidewalk maintenance program whereby the property owner pays for half the material costs and the DPW provides the labor.

Does the Town offer a leaf pick-up program?
Yes, the DPW provides curb-side leaf pick-up during the fall. The Town is divided into quadrants and a schedule for recurring pick-up is developed. Leaves should be raked to the edge of the lawn or curb (not into the street) and crews will remove them several times throughout the autumn season. The designated quadrants and the leaf pick-up schedule is published each fall in the local newspaper and is available on this web site as well.

Who picks up stray animals?
Hendricks County Animal Control. Call 745-9250 or visit the Hendricks County website at

If the animal is dead in a roadway, contact the DPW at 745-5970.

Where can I recycle in Danville?
Most solid waste carriers have curbside recycling available. The West Central Solid Waste District also has recycling collection sites available. Visit their website at

Who do I call if a streetlight is out in my neighborhood?
Cinergy/PSI maintains most of the streetlights in Danville. Call 1-800-343-3525, or visit their website and fill out the on-line form at

How often will my street be plowed in the winter?
Streets are plowed based on priority and the amount of snowfall. DPW strives to keep all thoroughfares clear, safe, and open to traffic during snowfalls. Once the thoroughfares are clear and safe for travel, then subdivision through streets are cleared, followed by cul-de-sacs and non-through streets.

Does the Town provide mosquito control?
The Town does not provide mosquito control measures, however, private pest control companies do offer this type of service for those who are interested.

What if my question isn't listed?
Contact the Public Works office at (317) 745-5970, M-F, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for further assistance. Or email the DPW Superintendent at

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