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The Wastewater Treatment Plant is a water resources management utility committed to protecting the West Fork of Whitelick Creek through the reclamation of water while assessing stable, competitive rates as customers enjoy clean water and a healthy stream.  

The initial construction of the Danville Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed in 1961. Since that time, additional construction projects occurring in 1987, 1993, 2000, and 2006 have continued to enhance the plant's treatment capabilities. Construction of the largest improvement project was concluded in 2006. Several large interceptors were improved,which was then followed by an upgrade to the treatment plant itself. This upgrade allowed the Town to double the treatment plant's capacity, which was necessary as a result of Danville's rapid growth.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is owned and operated by the Town. Liquid waste treatment plants require near-constant supervision in order to ensure that safe water is being discharged into the environment after filtration is complete. As a result, system operators must either work or be on call at all hours. Plants are highly regulated and can face a number of problems. Storms can cause flooding in sewers, and water can be tainted by chemicals. Plant operators are responsible for managing all of these issues and more.

The plant is currently staffed with 5 employees who manage daily operations, plant maintenance, citizen inquiries, and compliance issues. In 2012, we added the position of Pretreatment Coordinator. The responsibilities of this position include the operation and monitoring of significant industrial users. Commercial and industrial businesses will notice an increased interaction with the Town's Water Pollution Control Facility.

Tours of the facility are welcome and can be arranged in advance. Please call the Wastewater Treatment Plant during regular business hours at (317) 745-4180 Ext. 2000 or email jcrisp@danvilleindiana.org if you have questions or inquiries.

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