All billing and collection of the municipal Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Utilities is administered by the Clerk-Treasurer's office located in the Danville Town Hall at 49 N. Wayne Street, Danville, IN 46122.
Contact Information:
Phone:  317-745-4180  ext 7000
Fax:  317-745-3005
Utility Billing:  The utility billing cycle begins with meter reading around the 1st of each month.  Bills are mailed no later than the 15th of the same month.


Billing Due Date:  Payments are due in the Utility Billing Office located at 49 N. Wayne Street (Danville Town Hall) on the 4th of each month.


Penalties:  If payment is not received by the due date, a 10% penalty is applied on the 5th of the month.


Disconnect:  Notices are mailed around the 8th of the month on all accounts with an outstanding balance on their utility account.  

Disconnect Fee:  A $50.00 disconnect fee is charged according to Town ordinances on all accounts that are disconnected due to failure to pay.  Payment of this fee is required before service will be turned back on. 


Payment Options:  Mail -             Danville Municipal Utilities

49 N. Wayne Street, Suite #110

Danville, IN 46122


Phone -           317-745-4180  ext 7000 
Drop Box -     A drop box is located in the traffic circle outside the main entrance to Town Hall in the base of the bell display.


Walk-In -       Clerk-Treasurer's Office/Utility Billing & Collection Department

                     49 N. Wayne Street, Suite #110  Danville Town Hall 


ACH Debit-    Applications are available online

Payment Methods:  Cash, check, money order, ACH debit, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are all accepted.        

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