Industrial User Pretreatment Inspection

The Town of Danville WWTP administers and operates a U.S. EPA mandated Industrial Pretreatment Program.  This Industrial Pretreatment Program was established to give Danville's POTW regulatory oversight of the discharge of waters and wastes into the sanitary collection system.  As a member of this community, we need your help to identify significant industrial users of Danville's POTW.

 Specifically, the Pretreatment Program is designed to regulate waters and wastes emanating from all users discharging into the sanitary collection system in order to:

Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the wastewater treatment plant that would interfere with the operations of the utility;

Prevent the introduction of pollutants, such as mercury, into the wastewater treatment plant that would pass through the utility inadequately treated and into White lick creek;

Protect Town of Danville personnel working in the city's collection systems department and at the wastewater treatment plant who may be affected by wastewater in the course of their duties;

Protect the general public;

Protect wildlife;

Promote recycling; and

Enable the Town of Danville to meet its regulatory (U.S. EPA, State of Indiana, and/or county) obligations.

As a member of Danville's community, I am asking to evaluate your facility to identify items containing prohibited materials or other regulated substances and either eliminate those items or incorporate best management plans for handling these items. If you should have any questions or comments regarding this, or if you should need assistance evaluating your facility, my telephone number is (317) 451-4966.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

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