Leaf Pickup

Loose Leaf Pickup Guidelines

At the end of October the DPW crew will begin to pick up both loose and bagged leaves.  Please keep them separated.  We understand that in October, some of the leaves have not begun to fall yet, so please be patient and we will pick up the leaves during the months of November and December according to the annual schedule published on this website and in the local newspaper, weather permitting. Living in Indiana, we never know what to expect for our weather conditions. If leaves are too wet from the snow or rain, the leaf vacuum cannot retrieve them. Also remember that if snow accumulates on the leaves, they will not be visible for the crews. The DPW department crews do not ever intentionally drive by the resident's leaves, but because of these factors, they may be missed.

With these factors in mind, if leaves are bagged in biodegradable bags there is less chance of loose leaves being left at curbside. If the snow should fall before your leaves are picked up, we will continue the leaf pick-up as soon as possible. If the leaves are visible after a thaw, and the crews are able to get at them, they will be picked up.

Please have your leaves out in time for our pick up so that the DPW crews can continue with their scheduled work as planned.




Wrong Way

  • Leaves must not obstruct drainage structures, catch basins, mailboxes, sidewalks, or guy wires.
  • Leaves must be free of limbs, rocks, tires, wheels, household trash, or other debris that can damage equipment or cause injury.
  • Leaves will not be picked up within privately owned trailer parks, on private property, in subdivisions outside the city limits, or on the premises of businesses.
  • Leaf piles that contain junk and/or debris such as tree limbs, trash, discarded household or garage items, etc. will not be picked up because those items may cause an injury to personnel or cause damage the equipment.
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