The mission of the Danville Public Works Department is to "build and maintain roads, bridges, and traffic control devices."
The Public Works Department is fortunate to have a wide array of powerful tools with which Managers at all levels can plan, control, and evaluate maintenance operations.  These tools include, but are not limited to:
    • Satellite Weather System
    • Pavement Temperature Sensors
    • Quality Assurance Reviews
The goal of DPW is simple:
"Plan your work, then work your plan"
By first "planning" the types and amounts of maintenance activity to be performed, assets (i.e. labor, equipment, and materials) can then be allocated in advance.  By "working your plan", managers are then better able to assess how they are meeting the needs of the road system.
It is true that situations can force us to deviate from our plan (weather, personnel vacancies, changes in policy, etc.), but an intelligent Work Program helps maintenance get back on track much faster after "unplanned" situations are addressed.  Managers who continuously evaluate how they are meeting their plan are well equipped to adjust operations in order to meet that plan.
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