Planning & Zoning FAQs

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What type of building permits are required by the Town?

The Town requires building permits for new construction (residential and commercial), and most types of accessory structures such as fences, sheds, pools, and garages.


What can I do if a property in my neighborhood is overgrown or trashed out?

The Town has an ordinance which prohibits property owners from maintaining a public nuisance such as overgrown yards and/or accumulations of trash or debris. Report the property address to the Town Planner for further action.


Who do I call to get zoning information about a specific parcel?

Most zoning questions can be answered over the phone with a call to the Town Planner, however, you may also be able to determine the zoning just by looking at the Danville Zoning Map located on this web site.


Does the Town have a licensing requirement for contractors?

No, the Town does not have a licensing requirement.


How do I know if I need a sign permit?

If you are erecting a new sign, modifying an existing sign, or wish to display a temporary sign, you’ll need a permit from the Town. Signage requirements are not complicated, but, they are specific to the location’s zoning, the size of the building, and the type of signage desired.  Chapter 11 of the Danville Zoning Ordinance describes these regulations in detail. However, every situation is unique, so you are encouraged to discuss your signage needs with the Town Planner at your earliest opportunity.

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